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Uni Cuts Draw Protests

Dylan Caporn – Federal Politics The Federal Government’s proposed cuts to University funding has seen spirited protests across the nation, just hours before the Federal Budget is set to be handed down. At The… Continue reading

Transition 2012 – Interviews

Dylan Caporn – UWA Student Politics For the second time within a year, the UWA student body has voted for change in the Guild of Undergraduates. Former Vice President Ben Watson was beaten in… Continue reading

100th Guild Council Office Bearers and Committees

Dylan Caporn – UWA Student Politics The Body Politic can exclusively reveal the final office bearers and committees for the 100th Guild Council.

Live Blog – First 100th Guild Council Meeting

3.58pm – With that the first meeting of the 100th Guild Council comes to a close. Thanks for joining us. 3.56pm – Quick thank you to the staff who came on a Saturday. Women’s Officer… Continue reading

LIVE BLOG – Final 99th Guild Council Meeting

9.00pm –  We’re going to conclude our coverage for this evening as we’ve been told that the in camera conversation will continue long into the night. The Guild Council will be considering the withdrawal from… Continue reading

Education Funding Cuts

Anita Creasey – Opinion On Monday, the Federal Government released its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook for the 2012-2013 financial year. The MYEFO includes cuts to the university sector totalling about $1 billion. It… Continue reading

Poster Sketch

Dylan Caporn – UWA Guild Election Sketch A very popular choice for election material is the A3 poster stuck onto the rotunda’s around the campus. The appeal is obvious, being the largest size of… Continue reading

The Campaign Trail Comes to an End

Dylan Caporn – 2012 UWA Guild Election For many students (voters and candidates alike) 5pm today can not come soon enough. The end of Guild Elections. For the voters it means no more being… Continue reading

LIVE BLOG – 2012 UWA Guild Election Count

4.45pm – The 13 Guild Councillors elected are (in alphabetical order)- AHMED, Rida – (STAR) BAMFORD, Joshua – (STAR) CARR, Georgina – (STAR) CARR, Judith – (STAR) LEI, Annie – (STAR) MASHININI, Dumi – (Liberty) MULHOLLAND, Maddie – (STAR)… Continue reading

On the Hustings

Dylan Caporn – 2012 UWA Guild Election Opinion “This is the dirtiest election I’ve ever seen.” Of all the sayings I’ve heard this election, the above one has to be the one I have… Continue reading