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Rudd’s Reforms Fueled By Revenge

Dylan Caporn – Opinion There was a glint in the Prime Minister’s eyes on Monday when he announced his leadership reforms. It wasn’t dewy eyed idealism. It wasn’t even nostalgia. It was revenge. Rudd’s… Continue reading

Sunday Editorial – He’s Kevin and He’s Here to Help

Dylan Caporn – Opinion The first week and a half of Kevin Rudd’s second shot at the top job has raised questions over whether or not he could save Labor, and even give them… Continue reading

“What’s Wrong With the Labor Party”

Dylan Caporn – Opinion Over the next few months, there will be a library of books, and columns of opinions published about what is wrong with, and how to fix the modern Labor… Continue reading

Just Another Manic Monday

Dylan Caporn – Opinion With Kevin Rudd due to announce his cabinet tomorrow, the latest Newspoll will add an extra spring to his step tomorrow morning. Most importantly are the two party preferred figures.… Continue reading

Sunday Editorial – Who I’ll Miss

Dylan Caporn – Opinion On Thursday morning, amidst the first day of office for Kevin Rudd, the House of Representatives went about its business. While the debate about the 457 visa reforms raged on,… Continue reading

Rudd’s First (Second) Cabinet

Dylan Caporn – Opinion Kevin Rudd will announce his Cabinet at some point tomorrow, and we can expect some fairly predictable appointments. Prior to his election as Leader, Mr Rudd heralded a new peace between his… Continue reading

Julia Guillotined, Rudd PM

Thomas Adolph – Opinion Kevin Rudd has been returned to the Prime Ministership of Australia, though not in the pipe-dream draft he imagined. Julia Gillard’s scandal-plagued leadership has been ended by a long-anticipated challenge,… Continue reading

Election Date Up In Air

Dylan Caporn – Opinion Now that Kevin Rudd has been sworn in, he can begin to work on the To Do List that we drew up last night. One of the issues that we… Continue reading

Rudd and Labor’s To Do List

Dylan Caporn – Opinion Newly elected Labor leader Kevin Rudd concluded this evening’s press conference by saying that he has a big day ahead of him tomorrow, and he’s not half wrong. Obviously, the… Continue reading

Sunday Editorial – So, What’s Happening?

Dylan Caporn – Opinion After all the negotiations, after all the speculation, and after all the arguing, Australia’s flirtation with indecision and a hung Parliament is drawing to a close with these final four… Continue reading