The 2013 Candidates

Dylan Caporn – UWA Student Politics

There is something calming about the drawing of the ballot for Guild Elections. Everything is suddenly cleared up. The weeks and months of gossip and innuendo about who will and won’t be running is ended, and there is clarity.

Today was no different with many facts about the upcoming poll being revealed. 

Firstly, the debate about whether Jeremy Cole would run a ticket was put to bed with no candidates running under a group with Mr Cole at the head.

Secondly, the emergence of a “Student Labor” ticket has raised many eyebrows. Widely believed not to be genuine, the ticket is headed by a second Cameron Barnes as Presidential candidate. However, it is rumoured that Mr Barnes may withdraw from the ballot.

Should this be the case, then the battle to be 100th President of the Guild will fall between just two candidates (a relief for election night reporting). Liberty are running with current Vice-President of the Guild and Environment Officer, Ben Watson, while STAR have selected former Chair of Guild Council and former Blackstone President, Cameron Barnes.

For Guild Treasurer, Liberty have fielded former Guild Councillor Oliver Mashinini and STAR have chosen the current Vice-President, Education from ECOMS. The Student Labor ticket has Chris Dowson, formerly a Progressive Voice candidate.

Societies Council President sees current Guild Councillor Laura Smith go up against Iain McIntyre from Liberty and Catherine Podesta-Meaney for Student Labor.

Liberty has picked UWA Rotaract President Matt McDowell to go up against Valentina Barron from STAR and Bernadette Podesta-Meaney for the position of Public Affairs Council President.

For Education Council President, STAR have picked the University Engineer’s Club Vice President, Education Tom Henderson and Liberty have picked the President of the Science Union Kieran Clancy-Lowe. Student Labor have picked Matthew Quo.

Environment Officer sees Riley McAulliffe from Liberty go up against Dan Stone from STAR and Trenton Desai from Student Labor, while the current Education Council President Naomi Elford is Liberty’s candidate for Welfare Officer. She will face STAR’s Cameron Fitzgerald and Student Labor’s Hofai Chu.

This year’s election will also see the ballot for the two year Senate Representative position. Both Liberty and STAR have fielded Guild President, with current President Matthew McKenzie going up against former Guild President Emma Greeney. Student Labor are running with Joshua Jackson.

The position of International Student Services (ISS) Director, which is usually uncontested will this year go to a ballot between ISL’s Felix Lim and Liberty’s Lelethu-Ibtongo Buthelezi.

Finally, the Women’s Affairs Officer will see current Guild Councillor Anita Creasey (this year’s only Independent candidate) go up against Liberty’s Sophie Liley and Student Labor’s Leila Chandler.

It’s clear from these last two position where STAR have not run candidates that they will preference Lim and Creasey for ISS Director and Women’s Affairs Officer respectively.

NUS Delegates

With the debate surrounding NUS affiliation no doubt going to be on the election agenda, four tickets have fielded 13 candidates for the NUS Delegate positions. Liberty, clearly buoyed by last year’s success, have chosen six candidates – Caitlin Fisher, Avi Dey, Oliver Mashinini, Matthew Mckenzie, Ben Watson and Gemma Whiting.

Meanwhile STAR have picked Cameron Barnes, Tom Henderson, Lizzy O’Shea and Robert Purdew. Left Action are running Emma Norton and Lewis Todman while Student Labor have S Wickramasinghe.

Guild Councillors

The ballot for the 100th Guild Council is going to be one the of the largest in history, if not the largest, with 146 candidates running for the 13 available positions.

Earlier today, when commenting on the size of the Council ticket, Returning Officer Ron Camp mentioned that last year’s ballot fit on one single A3 page, and that there would be issues with the printing of ballot papers with 146 candidates.

ISL are running 3 candidates while Left Action are running 8. Liberty have the largest ticket this year with 73 candidates for Guild Council, while STAR have a team of 52. Student Labor have a ticket of 10.