‘Can Do’ Campbell is a Moral Black Hole

Gavin King and LNP candidates with Campbell Newman | Source: Courier Mail

Mitchell Goff – Opinion

Perhaps it is a good thing that the majority of the Australian population weren’t subjected to the vile words of former Cairns-based News Limited columnist Gavin King by virtue of a limited circulation. When it was revealed however, that Mr King had apologised for rapists in a wretched little column in 2008 the full extent of his moral deficiency was revealed; his words are enough to make you lose that little bit more hope in humanity’s progress.

In 2008, Mr King wrote a despicable little article entitled ‘Women Should Play It Safe’ where he then went on to suggest that in order to stave off rapists, women should avoid drinking to excess:

“”If a woman drinks to excess during a night out on the town, is she partly to blame for being raped or assaulted?” the column begins.

“As uncomfortable and difficult as this question is, the answer surely is yes.

“That doesn’t excuse the mongrels who commit such crimes.

“But some of the responsibility for their own safety must rest in the hands of women.” (Source Ninemsn)

Implicit, well in fact explicit, in King’s brainfart is the argument that somehow women are responsible for the actions of not only themselves but those who might rape them.

This could not be more clear from his writing and it is both completely incorrect and completely immoral to assert such a disgusting position. While he clears his bile-lined throat by saying that it is still inexcusable, he goes and does just that.

So naturally the LNP chose to preselect him for the seat of Cairns.

It goes without saying that all King is doing is blaming the victim and it is characteristic of a worrying trend within conservative ranks of the LNP.

As ethical and intelligent people we are averse, almost physically, to such deleterious writing and already there has been wide public outcry at the comments made by King including a 4000 signature petition calling for his disendorsement and widespread social media condemnation.

Why is it, then, that Campbell Newman, unseated leader of the LNP in Queensland, has not only refused to disendorse the apologist for rape, but in fact released a measly three sentence ‘statement’ outlining why he would continue to endorse an apologist for rape.

This is not to say that everyone in the LNP agrees with the actions of both King and Newman, but it would seem that people who should be applying pressure to the leadership are simply not interested in doing so. This makes them complicit to the vitriol and horrendously morally deficient.

If Mr Newman continues to stand by this apologist for rape, then he should be considered a moral black hole and the voters of Queensland should not vote for him. And all those who are in the LNP should cut him out or leave.

I won’t hold my breath.